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Developing confident, respectful and successful young people

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Welcome to Wellsway Sixth Form

Welcome to Wellsway Sixth Form

Welcome to Wellsway Sixth Form, a sixth form that sets high standards in both academic achievement and student welfare. We are proud of the inclusive and supportive culture in which our students thrive. With a rich and varied curriculum, excellent extra-curricular opportunities and enjoying a spacious site that offers great facilities, Wellsway Sixth Form is the ideal place for you to take your education and development to the next level.

A major part of sixth form life are the structures and support we put in place to help you grow and achieve to your fullest potential. Our experienced and caring team provides support that is second to none; challenging, encouraging and nurturing you to be the best you can while helping you maintain a sense of perspective, plan for your future and have a lot of fun along the way.

Our aim is to help you to acquire the skills, qualifications and expereinces that will enable you to progress to the next stage in your life journey, whether that's employment, apprenticeship, university or gap year. We have high expectations of both ourselves and you, and a long record of success in helping our students to fulfil their ambitions, whatever they may be. Joining us, you will benefit from access to a wide range of bespoke support programmes to help you decide upon and work towards your goals; from enrichment support to both broaden your horizons and ensure you have the 'soft skills' needed post-18, to our bespoke support programmes for those targetting Higher Apprenticeships, medicine, Oxbridge or highly competitive courses in the Russell Group..

Alongside the staff team, Wellsway Sixth Form has an incredibly strong and supportive student body. Led by the Head Students and a team of Officers and Ambassadors, the student body gives you a genuine say in how the sixth form is run. from designing the Common Room to bringing sixth forms across the WMAT together through the student run Icebreaker parties.

Large enough to offer a great range of courses and extra-curricular opportunities, and small enough to be personal and individually supportive – we believe Wellsway Sixth Form is the perfect environment for students who want to excel, and to have a great time doing so.

Five great reasons to join

Five great reasons to join

High expectations

Our sixth form is about freedom, responsibility and opportunity, in many ways you get out of it what you put into it. The sixth form centre has high expectations and aspirations and expects students to have them too. We will encourage you to have an open mind and to think critically as you learn and progress.

Excellent progression

Young people are increasingly required to make complex decisions about their future at an earlier age than ever before. There is a comprehensive programme of careers education and our Careers Advisory Service gives you the chance to fully explore possible progression choices. In the sixth form we ensure that all students are supported to achieve their goals. Last year, again all Year 13 leavers progressed to university, further education, apprenticeships or employment.

Support for your progress

We don’t just expect success at Wellsway, we actively support you in achieving it. The secret of success is developing the ability to study and plan work effectively. Not all students will find this easy, but there is ongoing support available from personal tutors and teachers that know you to help you achieve your full potential.

Something for everyone

Wellsway School is part of the Wellsway Multi Academy Trust; this significantly increases the opportunities available to you both in terms of the courses on offer and in terms of the expertise that the schools have. This includes the newly built engineering facilities at the IKB academy and industry standard media facilities at the Bath Studio School.

It’s not just work, work, work

At Wellsway School we want you to be academically successful but also to have fun. You will have the opportunity to be involved in a range of activities ranging from school productions to helping in the school community, from running charity events to completing the Wellsway Challege in the Pyrenees. As a sixth form student you are also entitled to a discounted membership to the school gym.

Being at WW Sixth Form

Being at WW Sixth Form

Whether you are targeting a place at university or planning to begin your career, Wellsway Sixth Form is organised to give you the support you need to develop, and the space you need to flourish.

First-class teaching

Our specialist teachers and support staff are highly qualified and experienced at inspiring students like you to make the most of your talents, and to discover new ones.

Supportive culture

In Wellsway Sixth Form we regard ourselves as a community focused on delivering excellent support to students both inside and outside of the classroom. Whether you are looking for new challenges, struggling with your workload or dealing with issues outside of the sixth form, there are staff and structures in place to ensure you will be successful.

Your own space

Sixth form is a different experience to being at school. You’re older, more independent and you study and work in different ways. That’s why we have a dedicated custom built area for sixth form students in addition to the whole school facilities and resources. In the Sixth Form Centre you can work collaboratively or on your own in one of the quiet rooms using the dedicated sixth form IT facilities. You can even grab a snack or a hot drink from Shades, our cafe in the Common Room.

Personalised approach

Throughout your time at Wellsway you will have a personalised study programme. You will receive regular reports and feedback on your progress and attainment from your tutor and subject teachers. You will meet with your tutor for mentoring meetings where your progress will be reviewed and targets, both academic and personal, will be set. Our tutor groups, in which you will mix and work with both year 12 and 13 students, ensure that you willl be able to nurture and develop friendships, as well as be part of a supportive community of learners. 

Advice and coaching for what’s next

Our personalised tutor system means that we know you well, which in turn means we can give you the best advice. When it comes to applying to university, further courses, apprenticeships or employment we can offer you sound advice and information as well as extensive support in developing your applications and personal statements.

Our courses

Our courses

You will need a minimum of five GCSEs at grade 4 or better including either Maths, English Language or English Literature; if you do not attain one of either Maths or English, you will need to re-take it as part of your sixth form programme. If you are taking one of the A Level Sciences or Psychology, but are not taking either another Science or Maths alongside it, you will need to take Core Maths as an additional subject.

You will also need to meet the individual subject entry requirements for each of your choices.

How many courses should I take?
The vast majority of our students will study three courses, except where a Maths/Further Maths combination is taken. If you have an exceptionally high GCSE average score you might also want to consider a fourth subject, or the highly regarded Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). We will discuss what is best for you at interview.

All our A Levels are two year courses, with no AS Levels taken.

Which courses should I take?
That is difficult to answer. There are specific routes for some pathways such as Medcine and Veterinary Science, but many others are more difficult to pin down. You can find links to a variety of helpful websites in the Careers section of our website.

If you are unsure as to your future pathway, you may want to keep your options open. Pick subjects that you enjoy, are good at, and that may have common ground with each other.  There is also a list of subjects that more of the top universities ask for when making offers - called 'facilitating subjects'. If you choose one or more of these, it helps to keep more options open down the line.

These are - Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, French, German, Geography, History, English Literature.

If you are unsure, have a look at the links below which give some further information about course content, grading demands and potential pathways post-18.

A Levels

Level 3 vocational qualifications

Additional Level 3 qualifications

Level 2 courses


The WMAT partnership

We work in partnership with the WMAT Sixth Forms at SBL and IKB schools. This means that we can offer a much wider variety of subjects; if there is a course that we do not provide here but is available at one of the other centres, you may still be able to study it.

This means that you can choose to study at one place alone or, if you wish, you have a wonderful opportunity to make the best use of the courses, resources and opportunities at our partner schools.  If you need to travel between schools for particular lessons, transport is organised from door-to-door for you!

Applying and enrolment

Applying and enrolment

Applying is easy

Following Open Evening we are delighted to invite you to apply for September 2020 entry.

If you are already in Year 11 at Wellsway please apply directly through the Insight portal. You will need to go through the 'General' and 'Options offer' tabs, before selecting your subjects.

If you are joining us from another school - welcome! Please complete the online form.


Once we are in receipt of your application, you, and your parents/carers if you wish, will be invited in for an interview with one of our senior sixth form/school leaders in December/January.

Some of you will know exactly what you want to study and go on to do post-18, whilst others may have only a vague idea - don't worry, we will listen and advise, and offer all applicants extensive support throughout the year. If you are already a Year 11 Wellsway student you will also be able to access our Careers Centre for expert and independent advice and guidance.

We will keep in touch with you throughout January to June to help and advise throughout this process, and we are only an email away should you wish to speak to us.

Sixth Form Induction Day

On Tuesday 16th June 2020 all applicants will spend a day with the sixth form team and, of course, fellow students.  In June 2019 we held this event at the University of West England, and next year's venue will be confirmed at a later date.

Further details of this event will be sent out after your 1:1 interview with us.

Bridging work

This work is designed to help you bridge the gap between GCSE and the start of sixth form study. You will need to omplete the tasks for each of your chosen subjects and bring this work to your first lesson in September 2020.

 A Level



Sixth Form enrolment

After you have picked up your results on GCSE Results Day (Thursday 20th August 2020) you can enrol there and then with us (note that if you wish to change subjects you will be able to meet with us between 12-1pm the same day, or 9.30-11.00 am the following morning). You will also be able to enrol online, and will receive an email in your school or private account regarding your sixth form subject choices. Once done, we will then see you on the first day of term - Wednesday 2nd  September 2020 at 8.40am.  Support for enrolment will also be available online by emailing the week following enrolment.

Keeping up to date

We will keep you up to speed with things here through our Wellsway Sixth Form newsletter, and our student Publications Team's blog and magazines. You can also follow us on twitter @wellswaysixth.

Developing as a student

Developing as a student

At Wellsway we believe that the students' themselves should be actively involved in how the sixth form develops.

We believe that all students in the sixth form have skills and experience that students in the main school can and will benefit from; we therefore expect all students to develop their leadership skills by becoming involved as volunteers. This will take many forms, from helping to organise house activities in conjunction with the Heads of Houses and House Leaders, to supporting younger students with their studies in and out of classes. It might involve helping the IT technicians maintain the computer provision or helping the Performing Arts department organise school productions. There are a wide range of opportunities to suit all students in the sixth form; becoming involved in these activities will form a key part of your study programme.

All Year 12 students also have enrichment activities as part of their timetables, once per week, so that they can develop their skills outside of the classroom and also switch off from study a little!  All students take the 'Transition into Year 12' programme in Term 1, then students choose from a range of options in Terms 2 - 5 which currently include sport, debating, healthy living, tycoons, mindfulness sessions and more.  


The Officer and Ambassador Team

There are 11 Officers and 26 Ambassadors that represent the views of student body to the sixth form leadership team. Each has undergone a rigorous interview process, and everyone in these positions have been elected by the staff and Years 11 - 13.

The Officers and Ambassadors are organised into teams with specific areas of responsibility including Publications, Sports, Business, Events, Enrichment, STEM, Community Action and Performing and Visual Arts. They meet once a week to discuss and work on the issues raised by fellow students and create opportunities for other students and support both the sixth form and whole school; they run the Icebreaker parties, Challenge Cup events, charity fund raisers, support with school productions and events, organise trips abroad such as CERN, run clubs for younger years and much, much more. 

These positions offer students fantastic opportunities to take responsibility and shape their environment that are simply not available at many other schools. As role models working with students, teachers, members of the community and visiting professionals, our Officers and Ambassadors undertake real roles with real responsibilities to guide the future direction of the sixth form.


Inter-tutor Challlenge Cup

Year 12 and 13 team up in tutor groups to compete for this prestigious cup, in a series of events over the whole year. Conceived originally to both bring the sixth form together in a fun and inclusive way with events ranging from the Panto Challenge to Leadership Tranining Day, it offers plenty of opportunites to develop skills in an informal way.


What have we been up to?

So much happens here, so you can catch up with the latest through our student Publications Team Newsletter.

Wellsway Sixth Form - What have we been up to? Issue 1 - 2018-2019 (Pdf) 

Wellsway Sixth Form - What have we been up to? Issue 2 - 2018-2019 (Pdf) 

Wellsway Sixth Form - What have we been up to? Issue 3 - 2018-2019 (Pdf)


Wellsway Sixth Form - What have we been up to?  Issue 1 - 2019-20

Making the move to sixth form

Making the move to sixth form


A Level courses have recently gone through a period of significant change, reducing or eradicting coursework elements and moving into linear assessment where grades are decided at the end of 2 years. Vocational courses now all have additional examined elements.

Students need to be far more independent in their study, and understand how to develop their study skills as well as learn how to make best use of their PDL (times when you do not have a timetabled lesson). We help you manage this transition in a multitude of ways including through dedicated development sessions with the Director and Deputy Director of Sixth Form. Our enrichment and tutor system that ensures you will regularly work with both Year 12 and 13 students so that you are able to learn from students who have already 'been through it'.

If you are joining us from another school we work hard with you to make sure your transition into sixth form is as smooth as possible.


Academic Support

From specialist subject support sessions, group sessions with peers to simply having access to teachers outside of lesson times we provide a wide range of opportunities to help you consolidate or accelerate your learning and a wealth of resources readily available to you.  We also have a first class Inclusion Centre to help students with specialist needs and exam access arrangements.


Supporting Success and Revision Planning Help

Alternative Planners

UCAS Help for Parents and Carers


Dress Code

Students are expected to dress appropriately for the task of learning and beiing a part Wellsway School. A smart appearance is therefore expected of all students in the Wellsway community.

The following should not be worn:

  • No revealing clothes, including crop tops or low-cut shirts / blouses / t-shirts
  • No tops with slogans which may be regarded as offensive, aggressive or out of place in a school context
  • No short dresses. Skirts must be to a mid-thigh length
  • No beach-wear or sports shorts. Shorts must be tailored, and to a mid-thigh length
  • No flip flops or high heels
  • Jeans can be worn but have to be smart
  • No headwear, including baseball caps
  • Conventional jewellery / earrings with no facial (with the exception of a small nose stud) or visible body piercing

The Director and Deputy Director of Sixth Form will act as final arbiter where students are uncertain. This decision will be regarded as final.



At Wellsway we have excellent attendance, and we always aim for 100%. This applies to lessons, assemblies, development sessions, ennrichment activities, seminars and support sessions. An ALPS Study (2013) found that those sixth form students with 95% attendance on average gained at least one grade above academically equivalent students on 85% - which speaks for itself.

Students are able to spend their PDL (non-contact periods, or Personal Directed Learning) as they wish, which includes being off-site when there are no lessons.  If you are unable to attend Sixth Form due to illness, a parent or carer should ring the absence line (0117 916 1030) before 8:30am on the day of each absence to ensure your teachers are informed. We then ask that students email their tutors to inform them of their absence.

All holidays should be taken outside of term time. 


Taking care of you

Taking care of you

Our tutor system

We have experienced Personal Tutors who work alongside the Director and Deputy Director of Sixth Form to help support you throughout your time with us.

Tutor seminars take place from 8.45 - 9.05am Monday to Friday.  You work closely with both Year 12 and Year 13 students in these sessions, developing skills outside of academia that will help you flourish both in sixth form and in life beyond. This is taken further in our Year 12 transition programme in Term 1, where we work with you to develop the skills you need to make a successful transition from Year 11 into Year 12.  

As soon as you begin Sixth Form you will complete an audit of your strengths and areas for development, and start to build a record of your achievements.  You will record your employability skills and academic progress throughout the year, as well as all of your other achievements both here and outside of school. This is used to help us understand and maximise your strengths and address areas for development to ensure that when you need a reference for university or the world of work, we can provide information that is accurate, informed and individual.

Support with study

We run a variety of support programmes throughout the year including:

  • Development and seminar sessions help broaden your horizons and develop invaluable study and employability skills
  • Subject study groups
  • Our Careers Advisory Service helps you with decisions about apprenticeships, gap years and work
  • Our UCAS programme provides extensive help and advice to help you access university
  • Our Competitive Courses (CCG) group runs bespoke support for those targeting Oxbridge/Medicine or other highly competitive courses.
  • The Apprenticeship and Employment Support Group help prepare you for life beyond Sixth Form

Sixth form bursary

These awards are intended to help students who may need financial assistance to enable them to study. Please see this explanatory guide and application form (Pdf, 309kb) for more details.

Spaces to study, and relax in

The Sixth Form Learning Centre (SFLC) provides a space where you can work individually in study pods, in small quiet groups or individually on computers.  The SFLC is also equipped with data points where you can plug in your laptop/tablet, and has free Wi-Fi.

The Common Room is a dedicated sixth form space where you can relax or study in as you wish. Food and drink is available from the Shades cafe. 

Competitive courses programme

Competitive courses programme

Our bespoke Competitive Courses group is part of our whole school Challenge Programme. It helps students progress to the most competitive universities and courses in the country.  The group runs from Years 11 -13 and is overseen by our Director of Sixth Form. 

The group is supported by a variety of organisations including Oxford University, Cambridge University, Bath University, Bristol University, medical colleges and others. The programme is designed to give students an edge when applying to the most competitive courses in the country. Students are supported with research, interview technique, personal statement preparation, relevant work experience and pre-admissions tests. You will also receive subject/course specific mentoring from senior teachers, ex-students who have been and gone through the process and our extensive contacts at top universities and other institutions.  We are proud to have helped students' go into a wide variety of fields from medicine to veterinary science, law to architecture, maths to sport, creative arts to management and many more at a variety of Russell Group and other leading universities across the country.

The Russell Group have produced a series of helpful videos which give students and parents/carers more information regarding accessing competitive courses at university.

Higher Apprenticeships

In addition to this our Higher Apprenticeships and Employment group extensively supports students who wish to pursue these avenues post-18. The group works with local and national providers in a regular programme of specialist events throughout Year 12 and 13 to ensure our students' obtain these highly competitive places, recently placing them with KPMG, the MoD, the Lloyds group, Babcocks and more.

Results, exams and destinations

Results, exams and destinations


These can be found in exam results and performance tables.

A Level results can be picked up from the Common Room from 9.30am on Thursday 13th August 2020.  Support for any student wishing to go through UCAS Clearing starts from 8am in Student Support.



Where do students go once they have studied here? University, apprenticeships, work, around the world! 

In 2019 70% of our Year 13 students went on to university with over 40% going to Russell Group universities (24 leading UK universities), which is well above local and national averages. Many more of our students went on to other top universities not included in the Ruissell Group, such as Bath University.

18% of our students secured apprenticeships and 12% are taking a gap year or employment.


January examinations

These will take place from Monday 13th - Friday 17th January 2020 for Year 13 only.


Summer examinations

Year 13

Lessons for Year 13 will continue as normal into Term 6, until the final exam for a subject is taken. This will enable us to ensure students are as well prepared as possible.

When a student has an exam in the afternoon they will be allowed to remain home for the morning to prepare. Students will be expected in lessons as normal otherwise.


Year 12 students taking a vocational exam

When a student has an exam in the afternoon they will be allowed to remain home for the morning to prepare. Students will be expected in lessons as normal otherwise.


Year 12 - internal summer exams

The Year 12 internal exams will run from Monday 27th April to Friday 1st May 2020 (please note that a few practical exams may take place outside of this exam period). Students will be expected in lessons as normal when they are not taking an exam.


Exam guidance and help for parents and carers

We have put together some helpful tips in a one page guide, with an example revision planner, that you can stick on your fridge so that you are able to help your children in the run up to exams.

Year 13 supporting success presentation

One page guide and revision planner 

Careers and work experience

Careers and work experience

Support with careers throughout Sixth Form

Sixth Form Tutor Contact - Mr Shafto

What we offer:

  • a full programme of help and support throughout the year
  • personalised mentoring
  • UCAS and personal statement writing
  • personalised careers guidance (email your tutor to book an appointment)
  • help with applying to all University courses including the most comeptitive courses including veterinary, medicine, Oxbridge
  • links with universities and employers on a variety of extra-curricular programmes
  • help with finding and applying for work and apprenticeship opportunities
  • regular contact with experts through our tutor programme
  • independent careers advice and guidance

Your future

Sixth Form is not prepration for university; the world is much wider than just that and we inform and prepare you for a wide variety of progression routes. We make sure you are prepared fully to make decisions about your future and organise (amongst others) the following events throughout the year to help you: 

  • at our Look to the Future Day employers and course providers come in to run workshops which you opt into
  • our Careers Fair lets you talk to employers and those that offer apprenticeships or other college courses
  • talks and events from representatives at many universities, Student Finance, gap year providers, Elevate, Push, Oxbrdge
  • talks and events to help with apprenticeships
  • Personal Statement writing guidance
  • letter of application and CV writing workshops


Work experience

We value high quality work experience, which is a great opportunity for you to gain experience within a particular industry in which you may be interested and gain valuable skills which reinforce UCAS/Higher Apprenticehip applications and interviews. We encourage you to seek out these opportunities in school holidays. 


Getting placements 

Students largely organise their own placements although our Careers Centre will assist where we can through the networks we have developed.  Getting quality placements are difficult and increasingly competitive, and so students need to be organised, persistent and determined when applying.  Students who are considering studying in the areas of medicine, dentistry or veterinary science will also want to organise work shadowing placements.

Work experience is a very positive experience that can assist in obtaining an apprenticeship, supporting your university application and future job applications or holiday work. We urge you to support and encourage your child in finding a placement as soon as possible.



We like to keep in touch with as many of our former students as possible.

If you would like to keep in touch then please email