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Welcome to our Sixth Form

Shannon and Kieran - Head Students Posted by Shannon and Kieran - Head Students on 2nd June 2015

Statement of Intent

As your newly elected Head Student Team we want to make your time here at Wellsway the best it can be. Our roles are to continue leading the success of the previous Officer and Ambassadors’ teams and further improve the standard of our fantastic Sixth Form.

As many of you are aware our school is renowned for its welcoming approach and outstanding grades year after year, and we want to maintain this. We are all very willing and approachable, and we aim to be always available if you need help or support - so if you have any concerns or problems please do not hesitate to ask us.

Our Sixth Form offers a great range of extra-curricular activities ranging from sign language to volleyball to self-defence to working with local partners out in the community. Our great enrichment scheme encourages and develops crucial life enhancing skills and make students better prepared for later life as well as offering a change to unwind. Saying this, we hope to expand the range of enrichment activities by listening to student ideas and evolving what we have to suit all our needs.

Having been part of the Sixth Form for almost a year we know that Sixth Form life can at times be challenging and hard to manage. We aim to help you manage this by promoting social wellbeing around the school and especially in the Sixth Form, through, for example, fund raisers and social events such as Sixth Form Icebreaker parties where students can get to know each other in a less formal environment. We hope this will enable students to build friendships in September very quickly and maintain our positive atmosphere in and around the Sixth Form.

We look forward to working closely with Mr Bray and the rest of the Officers and Ambassadors to ensure that we cater for all of your needs and help make this the best and most welcoming school in the area.

We look forward to working with you.

On behalf of the team,

Kieran and Shannon


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