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Prosilio Alte - Aim High

Students in Compton House are creative, generous and industrious and they make a very positive contribution to the school community and beyond. Through hard work and good humour I know students in Compton House will AIM HIGH and set themselves challenging targets for the future. Above all I know that Compton students are considerate and respectful of others and the world around them.

Compton is a successful house. We always raise large sums for charity, compete strongly in sports day and perform well in house competitions. Attendance is also a continuing Compton strength.

I work closely with Ms Petch who is the Learning Mentor for Compton House and greatly value her expertise and the care that she brings to students. I also value working with House Leaders who bring much to our school. May the good work continue.

In my time at Wellsway I have worked as a PE teacher and Head of Year. I have always valued the importance of extra-curricular activities alongside the regular curriculum and hope students will take advantage of the vast array of opportunities by being involved in as many as possible both inside and outside of school.

I look forward to working with parents, carers and students to ensure that every child makes as much progress as possible in Compton House.

Mr B Turner
Head of House

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